Golden Tips on How to Maintain a Septic Tank System

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The replacement of any septic tank is a costly affair hence you have to ensure you properly maintain your septic tank so that you do not incur costs of getting another one. Regular maintenance of a septic tank facilitates the aspect of being around a healthy and safe environment. Things that go down to the septic tank involve those that come from the toilet, shower, washer or anything else that goes down the drain. To learn more about  Septic Tank, click now. Therefore, the following tips will aid in the maintenance of your septic tank:


First of all, have days set apart in which the solids can be pumped out. The essentiality of having the tank pumped out is to prevent the buildup of solids over time. It will also contribute to the maximum efficiency of your septic in the years to come. Factors such as total wastewater generated, amount of solids present and the size of the tank will influence how often it will be pumped. If it is a small septic tank, it will need to be injected frequently.


Secondly, cut down on the amount of stuff you drain. It is important to note that if you if, you dispose of plenty of junk down the garbage disposal, you are likely to damage your septic tank. This will lead to clogging hence blockage of the septic tank system. Ensure that no grease or fats go down the disposal but instead to the trash bin.


The drain field that surrounds the septic tank should be of a great location. This means that it should not be near the garden or trees for the roots will bump against the septic tank. In addition to that, the car park space should not be above the septic tank, the place on which the septic tank rests should also not be sloppy and should not be around inappropriate soils. To get more info, visit septic system maintenance. This will make the tank be inundated with outside water sources as it collects muddy water around it.


The use of additive bacteria will significantly contribute to the maintenance of the septic tank. These organic bacteria break down any unnatural substances and solids such as soaps that enter the septic tank. The additives also keep the pipes clean, clear and odor free as the whole septic system functions properly.


Lastly, have effluent filters installed to your septic system. The filters will prevent solids from entering the system. At the same time, ensure that filters are regularly cleaned or replaced so that there is effective functioning of the entire septic system. Learn more from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuORuwb4cfs.

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